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Worth knowing about guarantees

Better safe than sorry. Our lifetime guarantee for your new or used vehicle.

With the lifetime guarantee, you acquire maximum protection for you and your vehicle. The warranty is valid for the life of the motorcycle as long as the vehicle is registered to the buyer. The transfer to a new owner is possible for a fee. The guarantee can also be taken out for used vehicles over 250 ccm up to a mileage of 25,000 km and an age of 7 years in accordance with the guarantee conditions. Read more about the lifetime guarantee here .

What is the difference between guarantee and warranty???

The warranty is prescribed by law and is 24 months for new vehicles; it is reduced to 12 months for used vehicles. It always refers to the question of whether an existing defect was already present at the time of handover and is not to be expected due to age and duration. Wear parts are excluded from the warranty. In the first 6 months after the sale, the seller is responsible for proving that the item was delivered free of defects, after which the buyer must prove whether the item was already defective upon delivery.

As far as the case law, however, customer satisfaction has the highest priority for us, so that we always look for a fair solution together with our customers and do not indulge in dogmatism.


The guarantee is a voluntary promise by a manufacturer or provider (guarantee insurer), which settles a damage if it is included in the scope of the guarantee. As a rule, the performance of the maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer is a prerequisite for a warranty settlement. In addition to the manufacturer's guarantee, we offer our customers our in-house premium guarantee with a guarantee period of 24 months for used motorcycles and 48 months for new vehicles, including additional services such as a free replacement vehicle for the workshop visit,...

We also offer you the guarantee insurance from Car Guarantee. Kawasaki and Ducati offer the option of extending the factory warranty to up to 48 months. Read more about the XXL guarantee here .

Questions and answers about guarantee and warranty

Can I also have my motorcycle serviced in other workshops?

For the warranty claim and our premium guarantee, as well as the car guarantee, you can have your vehicle serviced at any master car dealership - however, the maintenance must be documented in the form of an invoice; with a manufacturer guarantee, you usually have to contact an authorized dealer of the respective manufacturer .