We look closely
40 point check

40 point check

We put every bike through its paces.

landing gear

  • Check handlebars for correct assembly and function
  • Check steering lock function
  • Check steering head bearings
  • Check brake pads and brake clearance
  • Check brake discs
  • Check brake hoses
  • Check brake and clutch fluid
  • Check and lubricate the chain and sprockets
  • Tires: Check condition, profile and air pressure
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Fork: Check function and leaks
  • Spring strut: Check function and leaks


  • Check function of handlebar switch
  • Check instrument lighting
  • Check tripmeter function
  • Set date and time
  • Check battery and charging voltage
  • Check headlights
  • Check blinkers
  • control the horn
  • Check neutral switch function
  • Check function of side stand switch


  • Check throttle cable
  • Check clutch cable
  • Check coolant (level, antifreeze)
  • Check cooling system connections
  • Check engine for leaks
  • Check engine cold start behavior
  • Check engine running
  • Check throttle response
  • Check engine idling behavior
  • Check / change oil
  • Important screws

test drive

  • carry out a test drive
  • behavior brakes
  • behavior acceleration
  • Function gear
  • Vehicle electronics function (ABS, TC)
  • General driving behavior
  • Completion of the check / retighten the screws


This check only partially replaces an inspection, since we do not change parts as standard, but only carry out further tests if there is a suspicion.