Drive when and what you want
motorcycle rental

Here's how it works

You need a change...
  • You just can't help it, you have no space, no time, no desire to take care of everything? You just want to drive, refresh memories, don't get out of practice?
    Then simply rent the motorbike of your choice! We have a large selection of rental machines. Whether super sport with disguise or naked - we will certainly find the right thing for your short trip. Insured and ready to go whenever you want. Also ask about group rates and long-term rentals. When purchasing a vehicle, one rental day is deducted from the purchase price.

New! Now also e-bike for rent
  • You don't have your own e-bike yet and would like to go on a tour with friends - no problem. We also have a selection of rental e-bikes in different categories. Simply book the desired bike (class 0) as usual via the motorcycle portal and we will have it ready and fully charged for you to pick up.

Bring the following with you to rent:
  • A valid driver's license for the selected vehicle class, identity card or passport with registration confirmation of the residential address. You can also pay with your EC card or credit card.

  • Reserve your dream vehicle in good time.

    Clarify the availability of your desired vehicle in advance by telephone, e-mail or on the Internet. Reservations are only possible against a deposit. The contractual basis are the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. We reserve the right to make changes for operational reasons.

Rental rates include:
  • Maintenance of the motorcycles, road tax, liability insurance and kilometers driven (excluding class 9). Not included are: fuel and any need for lubricants during the rental period. On request, we also offer fully comprehensive insurance.


You need a change...

Drive when and what you want

Whether super sport with disguise or naked - we will certainly find the right thing for your short trip. Find out in advance about our wide range of rental vehicles of all types and classes.

Rental FAQ

In the sale of our FAQ about motorcycle rental you will find many relevant and frequently asked questions. If your questions are still not answered, we would be happy to advise you by telephone on 0711/797303-15 or in person at our premises. Rent a motorbike in Stuttgart now!

Is there a deposit required?Fold in/out

No, this is not necessary with a German registration confirmation.

Are there also tariffs for long-term rentals?Fold in/out

We also offer long-term rentals. You can find all information about this under long-term rental.

What type of insurance is included in the rental price?Fold in/out

Liability insurance, optional fully comprehensive insurance with excess for an additional charge.

Can I drive the vehicle abroad?Fold in/out

Trips to other European countries (EC) are permitted.

How many kilometers are included in the rental price?Fold in/out

All kilometers driven are included in the rental price (except class 9)

How do I behave if I have an accident?Fold in/out

The accident must be recorded by the police in any case. The accident report must be signed and filled out by all parties involved. In the event of damage occurring without the possibility of continuing the journey, the lessee is obliged to bear the costs for the return transport if this is his own fault.

From what age can I rent a motorcycle?Fold in/out

Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid driver's license can rent a vehicle, for vehicles over 140 hp - minimum age 24 years.

Can I extend the period during the rental?Fold in/out

Yes, provided that the motorcycle has not yet been rented to someone else. It is essential that we confirm this so that we know about it and can continue to reserve the motorbike for you.

How far in advance do I have to reserve the vehicle?Fold in/out

As a rule, rental vehicles are always available, but if you would like a specific type of vehicle, we recommend reserving the vehicle about 3 weeks in advance via our website.

Can I also return the motorcycle outside the opening hours?Fold in/out

Yes, in principle you can park the rental motorcycle around the clock in the parking lot in front of our building and then throw the ignition key in the mailbox safe at the main entrance. However, we will only take them back on the following working day and until then the renter is also liable for any damage caused to third parties as a result. Many tenants make use of this alternative and so far nothing has happened, but it should be mentioned for the sake of fairness to avoid misunderstandings.

Can I rent the motorcycle clothing/accessories from you?Fold in/out

You can rent motorcycle helmets, jackets, gloves and kidney belts from us. Depending on the vehicle type, suitcases are also available as an option. Additional safety clothing can be purchased inexpensively from our partner shop.

Can I also purchase a rental voucher from you?Fold in/out

Yes, you can purchase vouchers for the desired amount or vehicle category from us.
The renter can then, of course, possibly switch to other categories for a surcharge.

Do I have to technically check the vehicle during the rental period?Fold in/out

Before starting each journey, the renter should check the technical condition of the tyres, chain, oil, etc.

Can I also buy the rental vehicle that I drove?Fold in/out

Yes, this is possible by arrangement.

What documents are required when renting?Fold in/out

We require an identity card and a valid driver's license in the original upon delivery. For non-EU citizens, an international driver's license and a registered address (hotel or similar) are required, as well as a deposit of EUR 1,000.00.

Which payment methods are possible?Fold in/out

Payment in advance by bank transfer or upon delivery by EC card, cash or credit card (Visa, American Express or Master Card).

Does the motorcycle have to be returned washed?Fold in/out

No, we'll do that for you, no matter how dirty the motorcycle comes back. We only reserve the right to complete the return after we have cleaned the item if it is heavily soiled and could possibly cover up damage.

Is it possible to store my luggage (trolley/suitcase, etc...) in the rental station for the duration of the motorcycle rental?Fold in/out

Yes, we have lockable cupboards and larger items of luggage are stored in a locked room. When planning, please note that you can only get your luggage back if you return the motorcycle within the opening hours.