Financing service & Leasing

Of course, we also offer you a perfect financing service.

You can pay for everything you find with us conveniently in low installments, regardless of whether it's vehicles, parts, accessories or repairs.
With the Santander Consumer Bank - Germany's largest manufacturer-independent motor vehicle financier - we offer you financing offers with optimal conditions and the best service.

Almost all forms and variants of financing are possible:

  • Flexible terms from 6 to 92 months

  • Balloon financing, leasing or all other common forms of financing

  • Credits also for accessories, clothing and repairs

  • Financing possible with or without deposit

  • Financing possible in 15 minutes - also gladly by telephone or e-mail inquiry form

  • Vehicle exchange also possible with existing financing

  • Flexible partial payments or early redemption with crediting of unused interest possible

  • Financing also possible for the self-employed or during the probationary period

  • Cash payment for vehicle trade-in in the amount of the trade-in price

With each vehicle financing, you receive an additional credit limit* of 5000 euros, the first 6 months with 0.0% interest - after that, of course, interest is only due for the amount of the respective claim (current account credit)! So you are always flexible for a break in installments, accessories/clothing, unexpected repairs, a scooter or a second motorcycle for your partner or just cash!

The Santander financing calculator

More flexibility for your mobile future

Get an overview of our two-wheeler products and choose the option that best suits you. Simply use our financing calculator. The trust of our customers in our competence is the basis of our 50 years of experience in motorcycle financing.

What do I need for a financing request?Fold in/out

A valid identity card and your bank details are required for a financing request. If you do not have German citizenship, a passport and a valid residence permit are required.

Can I take out financing as a trainee?Fold in/out

Yes, but the bank usually requires a guarantor as additional security.

Do I have to take out fully comprehensive insurance when financing?Fold in/out

Comprehensive insurance is not mandatory.

What is an RSV (payment protection insurance)?Fold in/out

You have the option of taking out RSV insurance, in which case the installments will continue to be paid in the event of incapacity to work or the loan will be taken over by the RSV in the event of death.

Attached is an informative video on payment protection insurance: Infos RSV

What do I do if I become unemployed?Fold in/out

There is the option of insuring the loan against unemployment for a low monthly premium – if you are unemployed through no fault of your own, the installments are then taken over by the insurance company.

Can I take out financing as a self-employed person?Fold in/out

Yes, if you have been self-employed for at least one year.

Documents: identity card or passport (residence permit for non-EU citizens), for financing up to 7500.00 credit card/EC card, possibly BWA.

Santander safeFold in/out

In the event of total theft, comprehensive insurance only pays the current value of a vehicle. This is usually a few thousand euros below the former purchase price. Santander Safe pays this difference between the current value and the purchase price, regardless of whether there is comprehensive insurance or not.

Here, too, there is a comprehensive explanation in the info video Santander Safe


You only pay for use, not for purchase. This keeps you liquid and you can use your capital for other projects. At the end of the leasing period, you can simply return your leased motorcycle or easily switch to a new one.

We would be happy to provide you with an individual leasing offer.