Well donation in Angola

The well was drilled at a depth of 55 meters. The water quality was tested and found to be impeccable. Previously, water was delivered to the residents of this village by tanker truck. It was fetched from a nearby polluted river that could not provide clean drinking water. In addition to this, the truck repeatedly broke down and broke down on the road, and the entire village had no regular water supply for months. Unclean water from the river leads to diarrheal diseases, which in combination with chronic malnutrition or malnutrition can be life-threatening. Children and the elderly were particularly affected.

With the well donated by Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH and built by JAM, not only did the urgently needed drinking water come to the village, but also hope for a better future.

The children of this small village attend a small school -- Escola Jomba, which is also affiliated with the JAM feeding program. The well, which was built at the village school, reduces the risk of gastrointestinal infections enormously. At the same time, school attendance increases because the children no longer have to travel long distances to fetch water.

The well was handed over to the village community. WASH basic training and some technical training were conducted to educate the villagers on how to solve simple technical problems. A water committee formed from the villagers ensures that the well is properly used and managed. JAM plans to provide more training for the Water Committee in the near future.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous help, which is such a great gift to the villagers! This is a positive change that will benefit many generations to come.

General information:

Location: Escola Jomba
GPS coordinates: S 11 47 03.840 – E 14 53 37.788
Village: Jomba
Province: Cuanza Sul
Country: Angola