Warranty conditions Lifetime warranty

Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH guarantees free repair or free replacement of the part in question if there is a material or manufacturing defect on your vehicle. The guarantee is initially valid for 12 months and is extended by a further 12 months after an inspection by us or an authorized dealer of your choice. This applies for the life of the motorcycle as long as the vehicle is registered to the buyer. The guarantee can be transferred for a fee. Replaced parts or motorcycles become the property of Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH without compensation. The guarantee is fulfilled by repair in our workshop. The guarantee holder makes the motorcycle available for repair free of charge. Repairs do not extend the guarantee period! Guarantee claims must be reported to Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH immediately after the fault becomes apparent within the guarantee period.

Warranty case

  • The warranty claim must be reported to Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH in writing within 7 days of occurrence.

  • The guarantee is provided by repairs in our workshop. Repairs do not extend the guarantee period.

  • Under certain conditions, it can be agreed that the repair can be carried out in another workshop. The following must be observed:

  • A written repair authorization from Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH is required.

  • The workshop carrying out the work must be an authorized dealer of the respective manufacturer.

  • The guarantee holder must initially pay the costs.

  • Reimbursement of costs will be made upon presentation of the receipted repair invoice and the replaced parts within the framework of the guarantee conditions. Labor costs will only be accepted in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended times.

  • In the case of doubtful warranty claims, Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH has the right to call in a neutral expert to make a decision. If the expert confirms the warranty holder's claim, Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH will bear the expert's costs. If the assessment is in favor of Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH, the warranty holder will bear the costs.


Costs are only reimbursed after a repair has been carried out. The basis for calculating damage per unit (engine, transmission) is the invoice amount eligible for the guarantee. Labor costs are only recognized according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Costs are reimbursed as a percentage according to the table below:

Total mileage at the time of damage
up to km: 10,000 … 100%; 20,000 … 80%; 100,000 … 60%; over 100,000 … 40%

If the costs covered by the guarantee exceed the current value or the purchase price of the vehicle according to the dealer purchase price in the Schwacke list, 2/3 of the value specified in the Schwacke list (total maximum reimbursement amount) is set as the maximum reimburseable limit. A percentage of this amount is then reimbursed according to the table above.

Limitation period

All claims arising from a warranty claim shall expire six months after receipt of the damage report.

The possible invalidity of individual provisions of this guarantee booklet does not result in the invalidity of the entire guarantee booklet.


Transferring a guarantee to another person will incur a fee of €50.

Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH provides no guarantee…

  • in the event of improper handling, e.g. overstressing the vehicle, driving with too little/wrong oil...

  • when used in competitions or participating in driving events with a racing character or the associated practice drives

  • when installing non-TÜV-compliant parts

  • for filter elements, glass panes, displays, light bulbs, spark plugs, tires, friction linings, batteries, oils, cables, shafts, heating elements, communication elements and other parts that are subject to natural wear and tear in whole or in part and the parts that must be replaced according to the inspection specifications of the respective manufacturer.

  • if any of the inspections/maintenances prescribed by the manufacturer were not carried out on the vehicle or were carried out too late. This applies even if the fault occurred before the prescribed time of the missed or delayed inspection.

  • if a transfer of ownership is not notified to us in writing within 14 days.

  • in the case of customer service work which is not carried out in our premises and a copy of the invoice/proof of maintenance has not been sent to us in writing within 14 days of the customer service.

  • for accidental damage or external influences

  • for damages for which a third party is liable as manufacturer, supplier or as a result of a repair order.

  • if damage is not reported in writing within 7 days.

  • for minor defects, such as minor colour variations, age-related wear or fading of the paint or other aesthetic phenomena which do not or only slightly affect the usability of the vehicle.

The following are excluded from the guarantee:

Claims for compensation for direct or indirect damages. This applies, for example, to towing costs, parking fees, rental vehicle costs, compensation for loss of use, etc.