XXL premium guarantee

  • 48 months warranty on new vehicles.
  • 24-month guarantee on used vehicles.
  • Wages and parts are reimbursed, with the exception of wearing parts and pure electrical damage.

Additional services:

  • 40-point check for used vehicles.
  • Complimentary replacement vehicle for maintenance and warranty repairs (where available and limited in time)
  • tire insurance*
  • 28 days right of exchange instead of 14 days


290 euros for all motorcycles between 250 ccm and 900 ccm
EUR 390.00 for all motorcycles over 900 ccm

(Applies only to selected models, not possible for competition-oriented vehicles. Exotics on request)
After a workshop inspection, the premium guarantee can also be concluded for vehicles not purchased from us.

In the case of a warranty claim, the damage must be reported to us. After consultation, a decision will be made as to whether the damage can also be repaired in another workshop, or whether the vehicle must be repaired by us.

* Guarantee conditions XXL premium guarantee

* Guarantee conditions tire insurance